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Company Profile

Beijing Yuanben Intellectual Property Law Office, founded on March 21, 2007, is a listed IP law firm appointed by the Chinese government to deal with foreign patent-related affairs on July 16,2008.

Yuanben has a team of experienced patent attorneys. Seven of us have worked for decades as patent examiners in the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO). We are dedicated to offering our clients with expert service and leading edge insight in the field of IP Law at a very competitive rate. Located within walking distance from SIPO, we are able to submit documents to SIPO in person and acquire real time application status from SIPO when necessary. In the past nine months, we have established more than thirty enterprise clients and a number of individual clients and have built up trustful relationship with them. Our firm has represented clients to file hundreds of Chinese patent applications before SIPO. In addition, we successfully assisted some of our clients with patent invalidation before Patent Reexamination Board and trail before court. 

Focused on the practice of intellectual property, our firm covers almost all aspects related to patent, trademark and copyright. We assist our clients at every stage of the process which includes invention (developing your idea to practicable invention), capture (identifying the IP rights in your innovation), evaluation (assessing if your IP rights are worth protecting), protection (filing patent, design and trade mark applications), enforcement (stopping others using your IP and taking action if they do) and commercial opportunities (identifying and negotiating commercial contracts to maximize returns for your IP). 

Yuanben is a member of Beijing Zhongguancun Enterprises Credit Promotion Association (ECPA) and a member of Beijing Key Industries Intellectual Property Alliance. We also work with the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME) to assist intellectual property affairs. 

Yuanben¡¯s success is based on the success of our clients. We invest in our future by maximizing financial returns to our clients, exploiting the commercial potential of their IP and helping them build successful businesses. 

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