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Writing of Patent Application

Writing of patent application documents for domestic customers

Patent application documents are the basis of patent rights. Writing of patent application documents is not only to convert a technical document of inventors to a legal document, but also to help inventors to rich and perfect their invention creation and generalize practical technical solutions for protection. With many years of expertise and experience in patent agency, we prepare patent application documents for our domestic clients as follows:

  1. After a client provides us technical disclosure in paper or electronic files including prior art, technical problems to be solved, technical solutions for the problems and its technical effects, we shall further communicate with its inventor through interviews, telephone or email to fully understand the invention;

  2. On the basis of fully understanding the invention, an application document is written;

  3. An expert group will be set up to fully discuss and study the application document, and the first draft is finished accordingly;

  4. The first draft is passed to the client for confirmation, and then the confirmed application document by the client is submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office.