Beijing Yuanben Intellectual Property Law Office


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Add:Room 403, era Yucheng Building, No.12, Beijing Garden Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Tel+86-10 82021815


• Prepare patent application documents for invention, utility models and design

• Handle various affairs during the examination and approval process of patent applications

- Reply to Office Actions

- Request for extension of time limit

- Certification of a right of priority

- Changes of the bibliographic data

• Handle patent reexamination affairs

- Request for reexamination

- prepare reasons for requesting reexamination

• Handle patent invalidation affairs

- making a request for invalidation of a patent right, and prepare reasons for requesting invalidation

- in the right of a request for invalidation of the patent right, put forward reasons for upholding it

• Searching, watching and early-warning for patents

• Providing advices on patent protection strategy

• Maintenance and transfer of patent rights